‘Folk Medíocre’
digital, 2021

Mondrongo 'Folk Medíocre' digital, 2021 Brava Edição #24

Mondrongo ‘Folk Medíocre’
digital, 2021
Brava Edição #24

Exploring the disparity and confluence between the ethereal and the sharp cut, the continuous trance sound and the insertion of noisy and unwanted sounds triggered by chance, ‘Folk Medíocre’ deals with this particular universe – nights immersed in resonance and breakdowns.

Compositions, guitar, synthesizer, cassette tapes, programming, sampler by Julio Santa Cecília
Recorded and produced by Julio Santa Cecília during 2020’s quarantine
Mix and master by Pedro Manara
Collaborations made at distance by Paulo Emmery (Ovo ou Bicho, Laura Lavieri), Flavia Goa (Festival f(r)estas), Lucas PC Gamer (3344), Dadá Joãozinho (Rosabege), Lê Almeida (Oruã), Carlos Pinheiro e Bruna Toscano
Cover art by Antonio Tebyriçá
Released by Brava Editions in Spring of 2021

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