[imprensa] Joao Madeira & Wagner Ramos: Meristema, por George W. Harris / Jazz Weekly (EUA)

by George W. Harris • March 16, 2023

DUETS…Eric Hoffman & Ken Hatfield: Stirrings Still, Joao Madeira & Wagner Ramos: Meristema

How about a duo between drums and bass? That’s what you get from double basser Joao Madeira and drummer Wagner Ramos for three songs, ranging form a marathon 33 minutes to a 45 rpm of 9. Obviously, we’re talking improvisations here, with Madeira rumbling and scrurrying over and under pickings and bowings on the minute “Raiz” while someone throws in a whistle around the softer scrambles of over half hour opus of a title track. Crickets and things that go bump in the night create a Hound Of Baskervilles mood on “Suberosa” while making you wonder if anyone wrote a transcription for this.

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