Sax like guitar & guitar like sax

César & Juliano

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‘Sax like guitar & guitar like sax’.

Free improvisation is the starting point — and sometimes, the end goal — for the duo’s compositions and videos. Created in 2016 in Sao Paulo by Juliano Gentile and César Martini the duo explores the multiple personalities of their instruments: baritone saxophone and guitar, as well as it’s chamber noisemusic configuration with acoustic guitar and viola.

The musicians met in Sao Paulo State Music School (EMESP) and have since then performed in venues dedicated to alternative music such as Trackers, Estudio Fitacrepe, Galpão Cru and Centro da Terra (where they performed with the SPIO Orchestra and the Antônima Dance Company). 

In 2019 César & Juliano released the full album ‘faixa cinco’ (track five) and in 2020 received the Brazilian National Arts Foundation (Funarte) prize for the audiovisual piece ‘Paira sempre’. The duo has  expanded the audiovisual language in their work and taken part in several online festivals in 2021, such as Acéfalo Festival (Chile), F[r]esta festival de improvisação, Frestas Telúricas.

In partnership with Brava they have been developing the series Latência (Latency), releasing occasional episodes in different formats.


série de César & Juliano, apresentada em episódios esporádicos.