Multimedia artist focused on experimental sound art.

Rafael de Toledo Pedroso

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Multimedia artist focused on experimental sound art. Born in in Rio de Janeiro /Brazil and based in Parana /Brazil, he started in experimental electronic music in 2012 as ‘Incarnata Commander’ and in 2015 in hip-hop under the pseudonym ‘heche’, in addition to maintaining the multimedia project ‘deus1’. Rafael is also half of the duos ‘Pedroso & Pedrosa’, with Pedro Pedrosa, and ‘A/C Repair School’, with Carol Simionato, both with releases on Grimalkin Records. He has more than 30 albums released by various labels around the world, such as Wormhole World (UK), Smikkelbaard Records (NL), Good Find Records (NY), TQN-aut (UK), to name a few.

He has directed music videos for artists, as well as documentaries and video arts with exhibitions at national and international festivals and shows. His work has already been recognized in publications such as Bandcamp Daily, Vice, The Quietus, Passion of Weiss, among others.

In 2021 he launched more than 9 different projects and for 2022 he plans his biggest releases so far.

One of them came out on Brava in January: ‘Sons crus para tempos mal passados (Raw sounds for undone times)’ – a soundtrack to a world in collapse.


Rafael de Toledo Pedroso – guitar, apps, recording, mixing, master, artwork