Tomomi Kubo & Vasco Trilla

Free improvisation duo based in Barcelona

Tomomi Kubo

Japanese composer and improviser, currently based in Barcelona, Tomomi explores the limits of a rare monophonic electronic instrument invented early in the 20th century by French inventor Maurice Martenot: Ondes Martenot.

After graduating from Kunitachi College of Music, Tomomi Kubo went to France to study Ondes Martenot at Conservatoire France National Boulogne-Billancourt and graduated from the school with unanimous first prize. She studied the instrument under Takashi Harada and Pascale Rousse-Lacordaire. She has been involved in a wide variety of activities, such as accompaniment to films and TV series and collaborating with Orchestra, Chamber music and contemporary dancers and music improvisers.

Vasco Trilla

The Luso-catalan percussionist Vasco Trilla is na omnipresent figure in the music scene, taken for one of the most active and hribid percussionists in this scenario in Barcelona, becoming one of the most solid and in-demand voices of the European free improvised scene, know for his creativity, cross-genre experience and constant search for expanding the limits of the instrument.

He has coloborated with numerous world-wide musicians and has recorded more than 70 albuns of free jazz, jazz rock, progressive rock/metal and ambiente music.

Trilla’s breadth of experience makes him a particularly protean drummer, sliding easily from playing precise time and complex changes to driving, pulse-based free drumming to almost indeterminate experiments in noise, taking us through a myriad of tones and emotions along a varied and tonally hybrid journey.

In Setember they released the album ‘Le sillage’, their fisrt recording as duo, on brazilian label Brava Editions.