Tomomi Kubo & Vasco Trilla ‘Le sillage’

Tomomi Kubo & Vasco Trilla 'Le sillage' digital, 2023 brv#45

‘Le sillage’
Tomomi Kubo e Vasco Trilla
digital, 2023


Tomomi Kubo – Ondes Martenot
Vasco Trilla – Drums, percussions, objects

All music was improvised by Tomomi Kubo & Vasco Trilla
Recorded by Sergi Felipe at UnderPool Studio /Barcelona on Nov, 2022
Mixed by Sergi Felipe at UnderPool Studio /Barcelona
Mastered by Juan Ribes at Ribes Audio
Released on Brava Editions /Brazil in the Spring of 2023


This album has been released by Ondes Martenot player Tomomi Kubo and percussionist Vasco Trilla. Their performances are entirely improvised, yet instantly they piece together all the elements of their ideas and creations. This is not a specific genre of music, neither jazz nor ambient – this is the music that is genuinely their own.

In ‘Le sillage’ Tomomi is exploring new possibilities of the Ondes Martenot as an instrument. She has used a loop pedal but has not utilized any special effects in this album. You can listen to the pure sounds of her Ondes Martenot. Vasco has used drums and several percussions. He is constantly researching new techniques and developing his original sound.

A singular album that invites the listeners to explore the world of unknown sounds.